Virtual Reality Development

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two big technology growth areas this year, but are very different in operation. Virtual reality sees the user don a helmet with stereoscopic screens, immersing them in a 3D world of computer generated graphics. Augmented reality can be demonstrated on a traditional smartphone or see-through glasses that mix computer visuals with what we see in the real world.

Virtual reality can be used for gaming, immersive 3D construction or exploring prototype products or architecture that don’t exist yet. Augmented reality can be used to help provide a live manual for workers as they repair or maintain machinery, and has been recently demonstrated in the popular Pokemon Go game.

The hardware for wide-ranging virtual reality has only recently reached the market, requiring powerful PC hardware, games consoles or smartphones to produce the imagery. VR can be used in a range of markets, from healthcare, retail, military and engineering, along with many consumer uses.


Boy wearing virtual reality headset

It can be used to help show clients around a planned building, with all the details from plants to office wiring replicated in complete detail. Fashion houses can use VR to plan and create their catwalk displays while doctors can use VR to plan and practise complex surgery. Education at all levels will see all types of students practising their skills in VR.

But, the most popular initial use for VR will be in entertainment and gaming, with players being immersed in racing or action games, and able to tilt their heads and look around as if they were actually there. VR has existed in many forms since the 1980s, but only now is the hardware powerful enough to reproduce truly realistic worlds that people can explore in exquisite detail.

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