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I’m Ryan… known by my fellow members here as Ry-Beast, Ry-Vita, Rhino or my personal favourite – little sh*t. Which I don’t get because I’m not little at all. I’m a 23 year old software developer (and professional cool dude – title pending) specialising in the development of beautiful and engaging iOS applications. I’ve just graduated with first class honours from Plymouth University which I’m ridiculously proud of, so I’ve only just joined the team at Dreamr.

I’m passionate about the creative process, from concept all the way down to final implementation. For me, this can be a rather frustrating experience. I’m a perfectionist through and through, and obsessed with the aesthetic. However the reward is phenomenal when everything comes together seamlessly and you realise you’ve created something out of nothing. That’s why I do what I do. And that’s why I love working at Dreamr … plus there’s a dog, Jaxson. I call him woof woof and he calls me woof which can be confusing to my colleagues. But we understand each other.



What do you enjoy most outside of work?

I love music. More importantly, I love writing music (album(s) pending). I dabble in guitar, mandolin and piano playing, and record it all with Logic Pro to create alternative/indie music. I take my inspiration from 80’s style music, as well as more modern artists – such as ColdPlay and The Killers. Ever had a dream about the perfect song? I get up and record it, much to the irritation of my girlfriend.

Just how many names have you had?

I seem to have amassed a collection of names throughout my life, that frankly I just don’t get:


Killis-Town (yeah, I know right?)
Bruce Willis (hello childhood)
Sea Biscuit
and Ryan (shock horror)


Also it’s worth noting that people stroke my hair. Please don’t. Thank you.

What do you most enjoy about the development process?

I love the idea of bringing an idea (any idea) into reality. However, I have mostly been known to be obsessed over animations. I like to bring physicality to an interface by showing animations that not only convey polish and care, but also a sense of purpose – which in turn can make an application feel intuitive and easier to use.

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