Joe - Dreamr




I’m Joey – the lead developer at Dreamr. I’m from the heart of the North (Wigan), though I’m an avid Warrington Wolves fan which causes a few domestics come derby day.


I’m a Graphic Designer with a taste for weird and wonderful illustrations. The guys at Dreamr are all amazing; they push me to be wierder and more wonderful, they all combine perfectly to create excellent work and most of all they let me sing like Prince whenever I want. There is one downfall to Dreamr though… the dog has eaten 3 of my hats.



 If you had to pick an all time favourite brand – which one would it be?

My favourite brand – I would say Old Spice for their zany adverts and weird approach to selling an old product.

What is the worse design mistake you’ve ever done?

The worst design mistake i ever made was when i added a font to a design but didn’t check the licensing cost and found out it cost £1500 for the app license.. oops.

What is your favourite task as a graphic designer?

To create weird, quirky, and interesting artwork. I always love creating Dreamr artwork because it’s always bizzare…but amazing!