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Jack Mason - Dreamr

Jack Mason



Hey! I’m Jack Mason, Head of Digital for Dreamr.


Ever since I was as young as I can remember, I’ve also been into the idea of building a business. For years I bought and sold everything and anything. When I was 6 I used to ask our neighbours for Rose petals, that I would then mix with water, and sell as perfume to every street in my neighbourhood. I sold Nickelodeon merchandise that my dad gave me from his work, to all the other kids, sold chew bars and gobstoppers at school, all the way to custom T-shirt printing at college.


Travelling the world, from Mexico to the Maldives, is something I love doing on a regular basis. Exploring new, fascinating cultures and swimming with sharks is what keeps me entertained.


It’s hard to highlight one thing I like the most about Dreamr because I love it all, everything is great here. The fact that I work 6 days a week and sometimes 7 just proves how much I love it. For me Dreamr is not just a company, it’s a way of life.



Jack, Who’s your most inspiring entrepreneur?

Richard Branson, without any doubt. I really like his eccentric personality and his innovative flair which makes him push the boundaries of everything he does. I also admire his customer centred approach, the feeling that they are always the most important part of his business… Plus, he has his own island!

What drink does Jack Mason like at Starbucks?

“Can I have a medium cinnamon latte to have in, with Colombian coffee, extra hot, whole milk, 6 shots of syrup, whipped cream and an extra shot of espresso!…Please?”.

What’s your aspiration for the future Jack Mason?

To own boutiques, hotels and restaurants. Also to help young entrepreneurs start up their own businesses.

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