Hi! My name is Harry and I am one of Dreamr’s mobile application developer that specialises in Android development. I’m originally from Dukinfield in Manchester. When I’m not at work, I like to ride my BMX and hang out with my reptiles. Yes, you read that right… I do have reptiles, and we do hang out.

When I joined the company I felt settled almost immediately and everyone made me feel like I’ve been here forever. It took me no time at all to fit in with the team, and since then I have loved being a part of it.



We’ve heard that you keep reptiles. What sort, and what are they called?

I do keep reptiles, it’s true! I have two at the moment. Leo is a Leopard Gecko and Gecks is a Madagascan Day Gecko.

Can you do any tricks on your BMX?

I can do a few! It took me a lot of practice. The one I’m proudest of mastering is the 180 – it’s considered a basic trick but it took me the longest to perfect. It’s very hard to get absolutely right!

Why Android over iOS?

I’ve chosen to be an Android developer over an iOS developer because I prefer Java to Swift, and I’ve always had Android phones myself, because I like the freedom of Android devices.