Ed - Dreamr

Ed Gunn



Hey, I’m Ed. A web developer from a (not so) lovely town called Worksop near Sheffield. Ever since my parents bought our first PC and I heard those soothing dial up tones I knew that I wanted to make websites for a living. That wasn’t going to happen in Worksop so I went and bagged myself a degree in Web Design from Sheffield Hallam and started searching for a job.


I joined the Dream(r) Team straight after I graduated. I managed to go from coming for my first ever interview to moving into a flat and starting work within the space of 2 weeks, that’s got to be some sort of record! Working at Dreamr is great, the guys are amazing  and we always manage to find the perfect balance between work and play and every day throws new and exciting challenges at me. The only bad thing is the amount of Apple fanboys in the office…  When will they learn!



Do you sing in the shower?

To be honest I sing anytime I’m alone! Not well though… I’m in the habit of listening to 1xtra in the shower now so its usually more rapping than singing like. I do a great rendition of Skepta – Shutdown.

Tyrion Lannister or Walter White?

Hmm, tough one. Loving GoT at  the minute but deep down my heart belongs to our Heisenberg. Breaking Bad may be my favourite series of all time. SCIENCE BITCH! Although if you would have made me choose between Walt and Daenerys there may have been a different winner!

Front or back end?

Even though a Uni lecturer once told me I would get paid more for back end stuff I definitely feel like I prefer front end. I think it’s because I’m a very visual person and able in design as well as development. I really find satisfaction in taking a design and bringing it to life. I still enjoy getting stuck into some PHP too though which is why I’m glad I get to jump between front and back end.