Hey! My name is Charlotte, I’m Dreamr’s Office Assistant. As well as helping the Dreamr office to run smoothly, I enjoy writing and I take every opportunity to write poems and stories. I’m also a musician, in particular a singer, and most of the time I sing without even knowing I’m doing it. I’m probably doing it now, in fact.

I lived in Saddleworth until I was 18, and then I went and did a degree in English Literature at Newcastle University. Since I finished, I’ve been looking for an imaginative and innovative environment to work in, where I have the opportunity to write and be surrounded by people like me. Dreamr is that environment; everyone here is creative in their own unique way, and I really enjoy being surrounded by that sort of energy.



We’ve heard (literally) that you like to sing. Tell us more about it.

Yes, I definitely do! I started singing when I was really young, about three or four, and I’ve just never stopped since. I’ve started taking lessons to become an opera singer too – watch this space!

What is your favourite childhood TV show?

Pokemon. Without a doubt. I still practice my Pikachu impression on occasion.

What has surprised you about working in a digital environment?

Well… I previously subscribed to the stereotype that people who are ‘good at computers’ are a very particular type of person. By particular type of person, I mean very geeky and awkward! But I’ve found since I’ve been here that all the Dreamrs are creative souls like I am in one way or another, lots of them are musical and all of them are lovely!