Ant - Dreamr




I’m Ant, and I am a software developer. I joined the team at Dreamr after graduating from the University of Manchester with a first class Masters Degree, which I was ecstatic with. All I wanted to do after graduation was work in a creative, inspiring team. I wanted to be able to push the boundaries and experiment. Luckily, that is exactly what I’ve found at Dreamr.


Outside of work I like to serenade my fiancée, Katie, with my guitar or my ukelele  – fortunately she puts up with my terrible voice – and she like to try and teach me Italian. I also like to game and catch up with all childhood things – Lego, superheroes … pretty much all the cool stuff.



So you like superheroes. Who is your favorite and why?

It has always been and will probably always be Spiderman. When I was younger, I was dorky and awkward like Peter so I guess I found it easy to relate to him. I love how he managed to make such a difference even though he was only a kid.

What songs do you play to serenade Katie?

We both love Frank Turner, so whenever I can I pick up one of his songs – unfortunately they’re not that romantic. I have also been known to play Brown Eyed Girl or When I’m Sixty-Four.

What platform do you develop best for, Android or iOS?

They are both so different, so it is difficult to decide on a ‘best’ platform. Swift is obviously the more fun language, but Google provide such useful, powerful libraries that sometimes most of the heavy lifting is done for you.