Hey – My name is Annie, and I am a Front-end Developer. I am from Greece originally, but I decided to move to Manchester. I really like going out with friends, trips, good food and the sea!


I first joined Dreamr a couple of months back as a Front-end developer, since then I have really enjoyed every day being part of this amazing team. Dreamr are really supportive with everything, if I’m ever struggling they’re always willing to help at any time. The thing I enjoy most about Dreamr is the variety of work that I’m involved in, for the majority of the time I’m writing code for the Front-end of a website but sometimes I do some bits for the Back-end which I find really exciting.



If you had to pick one exciting moment in your life, which one would it be?

One of the most exciting moments in my life was when my fiancé proposed to me!

We’ve heard about the wonderful jewellery you create in your spare time. Tell us more!

Since I was young I’ve been interested in arts and craft. One day, I saw some jewels in a magazine but I wasn’t able to find a shop where to buy them, so I made the decision to make a similar one myself. Since then I mostly make jewelleries if I see something that inspires me.

There are fewer women in tech than there are men. Why have you decided to become a developer?

I think being a woman working in web development is something which comes very naturally to me. I’ve always been keen on computers, trying to understand how they work, and how I can get them to work for me and my creativity. When we purchased my first PC in Greece, I found myself enjoying spending a lot of time using several programmes to edit photos and decorate houses. Following on from that I decided to go to University and discovered a love of programming languages (well maybe not all of them)! Eventually, when I did my apprenticeship I realised that the front end developer role was the best fit for me. The fact that even at Uni there were so many more men than women never bothered me. I do believe that if you’re really good, you’ll find your way – even if it can be difficult.