Alba - Dreamr




Hola! I’m Alba, Dreamr’s Project Manager. I grew up in Barcelona, before making the leap of faith to come to Manchester to pursue a professional marketing career. I came to the UK in 2012 with a Business Degree and a Masters in Marketing with the European Business School. Up until now, I have had the pleasure to work for some of the world’s most trusted and well know brands, like Manchester United and Abercrombie.


I won the National Championship in Gymnastics for which I trained professionally since the age of 4, as you can tell I enjoy nothing better than a challenge, so this fast paced role as Project Manager suits me perfectly.


I describe myself as a natural orator (I love to talk), so I am always up for a chat. When I’m not complaining about the Manchester weather, you will probably find me in a restaurant about town (Spanish Restaurant of course) or trying to keep fit in the gym.


Other than that, I love to travel, experience new cultures and discover new things; my particular favorites being Bali and Singapore.



What do you miss most about Spain?
I miss the simple, delicious healthy (and unhealthy) food and wine to be had all over Spain. Socialising is a big part of spanish culture, it is standard practice to meet up with family and friends for lunch and after work . Remember There ain’t no party like a Spanish party.

Do you have any obsessive compulsive behaviours?
I would say that I have an addictive guilty pleasure for any chocolate. There isn’t anything better than being curled up on the sofa, a cup a tea in hand and a big packet of Maltesers.

What is the best thing you like about being a Project Manager at Dreamr?
The opportunity to work with such a diverse and professional group of individuals is very exciting for me. Being a Project Manager for Dreamr is like being with family; it doesn’t ever feel like ‘work’.