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Dreamr Review – iPhone & Android App Review

Dreamr Review – Free expert advice on your iPhone and Android apps to improve security, user experience and performance.

In business, it’s vital to go to where the customer is, maybe even before the customer knows that’s where they’re going to be, and these days it’s not just about online and visiting websites but out there in the rich world of the vast app ecosystem, especially the App Store. It’s what has made top mobile companies who make smartphones and tablet computers the successes they are, and for companies everywhere, apps offer extraordinary opportunities for real growth and much higher profits. With Dreamr Review, you no longer have to worry.

Dreamr Review, was created to appraise iPhone and Android apps and focuses on a range of potential issues that could be preventing them from becoming more successful. These include bugs which companies offering apps for download may not be aware of as well as possible security problems that might put customers' data at risk and cause severe repetitional damage to the business.

Free Dreamr Review Service

Apps not only have to look great, but they also need to be fully functional and free from any bugs or security issues which could let companies down with one big cyber attack, and harm their reputation irrevocably.


Now, for the first time in the UK, companies’ can take advantage of a free service to appraise their apps and provide advice and guidance on what can be done to improve them. They can then take full advantage of the explosive growth among the vast majority of people who expect products and services to be available via apps instead of websites.

Review Experts

We’re delighted to tell you that this is something we are now able to offer through our new Dreamr Review, undertaken by our team of design and development experts right here in Manchester.


So if your company wants to benefit from this invaluable free service, what can you expect? The Dreamr Review team is made up of app development professionals who will examine your app in detail: how it looks, feels, works and performs, and whether there are any risks which might prove immensely damaging to your firm and your customers.

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Free Evaluation

The Dreamr Review Service is available now, for apps running on iPhones and Android devices, and along with expert advice about your app you can also get a free quote for any work that might be needed to improve it. That could be to augment the app’s design or to tighten up any security gaps and boost its general performance.

Once the appraisal has been carried out, you’ll get a detailed report that gives you an honest, professional and expert opinion of your app – it may already be great and not need any improvements; but it might also require a number of fixes that may prove critical to how your company operates.


Having this free evaluation of apps and a subsequent report is an incredibly important way for businesses to ensure they’re at the forefront of the digital revolution in commerce and primed to benefit from it massively and soar right above their rivals.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with our experts at Dreamr right now. Your free appraisal and report are waiting for you.

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