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Dreamr Reviews

Here at Dreamr we aim for high standards. But like every other company, we understand that perfection doesn’t come instantly.

In the world of digital development and design there is a never-ending market of businesses just like your own, and among them countless different audiences and a thousand diverse interests. Everyone wants something specific to their needs, and it takes time to learn what those needs are and how to satisfy them.

Beyond this, we also appreciate that even an expert can make mistakes, or at very least recognise the room for improvement ahead of them. There is no one in this industry too successful to get everything they do 100% correct every single time. If there was, then the rest of us wouldn’t have a job.

Yet rather than simply accepting this natural flaw in our ways, we want to continue striving for ever higher standards, pushing the boundaries further as we move on. To do this we need to take on board the fact that not everyone will like our products and services initially and that there will always be room for progress. To achieve that, we need your help to leave a Dreamr Review.

As open as we want to be, we can’t amend our ways and grow through feedback if we don’t receive any. That is why we’re asking all of our clients who haven’t done so yet to review the products they’ve used and the services they’ve commissioned. Don’t hold back if something worked for you, because ultimately knowing what works is as useful as knowing what doesn’t. But equally, be frank when you’ve got an issue and let us hear it straight. We want to put criticism to good use, and for that we need it to be blunt.

We won’t tell you what to write about – that would defeat the point of the exercise – but we would ask you to cover as many areas as you can. From how well the product suited your needs and how stress-free our service was to what our team was like to work with, from the beginning of your experience to the end. The more areas you give us feedback on, the faster we can improve our company as a whole, and that’s in all of our interests.

So write a Dreamr Review today and tell us how you feel. We promise we’ll read every one.
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Please e-mail or call us to leave a review: 0161 850 1940 / hey@dreamr.uk