Dreamr Manchester – Complaints Board

Dreamr Manchester – Complaints Board

We will aim to resolve your complaint at the first opportunity, but whenever this is not possible we have a two stage complaints process, as set out below.

How to make a complaint

Stage 1 – The first step is to contact the member of staff providing the service you want to complain about or you can contact their manager. Tell them the problem and they will try and sort it out. In many cases they will deal with your complaint on the spot.

Stage 2 – If you are not satisfied with the response you received at Stage 1, you should write to the Dreamr Manchester executive board team and explain why you are still un-happy using the e-mail address below.

Mylo Kaye our CEO and a senior member the Dreamr Complaints board will then investigate your complaint and a response will be sent within 20 working days. If you are still un-happy then we are regretfully saddened we were not able to satisfy you and encourage you to speak to the Citizens Advice if any of your rights have been broken.


Making a complaint via the executive team.

1) Email. complaints@dreamr.uk (This will be sent to our CEO, Mylo Kaye.

3) Telephone. 0161 850 1940

4) By post. You can submit a complaint in writing to Dreamr Manchester:

Dreamr, 7 St James Square, Manchester, M2 6DN

All our Dreamr reviews are collected straight from our clients and provide an insight into the wonderful work our Dreamr Manchester team do.

We encourage all our customers to contact us today to submit your review to our team, we will then feature it here for all our customers to see.

We think it’s really important for each and every customer to leave an honest and un-biased Dreamr Review for our company to show the service we have provided.

If you would like to review Dreamr Manchester then please contact us on our contact page and we will submit it here. We hope you have found our service enjoyable and would love to here what you think.

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